The Constitution of the Board is contained in Section 4 sub rules(2) and (3) of the Merchant Shipping Act,1958 as under-

(a) Six members elected by Parliyament, four by the Lok Sabha from among its members and the other two by the Rajya Sabha from among its members.

(b) Such members of other members not exceeding sixteen as the Central Goverment may think fit to appoint to the Board, to repersent -

  • the Central Goverment,
  • Shipowners,
  • Seaman and
  • Such other interest as in the opinion of the Central Goverment, ought to be represented on the Board. The Act provides that the Board shall includes equal number of representative of ship owners and seaman.

The Central Goverment has the power to nomuinate one of the Members of the Board to be Chairman of Board (vide sec.4(3) of marchant Shipping Act. 1958). THe Board Has the power to regulate its own procedure (Sec.4(4) of the Marchant Shipping Act, 1958)

Tenure Statutory Rules/Orders

According to Rule 3 of the National SAhipping Board Rules contained in Goverment of India,Ministry of Surface Transport Notification No. G.S.R.92 date3d 18th January 1960, the Board shall be esttablished for a period of 2 years in the first instance and thereafter, it shall be re-established at the end of every two years.